South Carolina ASCD Announces New Class of Emerging Leaders

As part of our ongoing mission to Learn, Teach, and Lead, South Carolina ASCD seeks to develop and support the next generation of leaders.  The South Carolina Emerging Leader Program is comprised of an accomplished group of educators, typically with 5–15 years of experience, who desire to become more involved in our state's educational community.  Emerging Leaders are passionate and committed to the "Whole Child," a belief that every child in that state of South Carolina deserves to be healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. 

Class of 2018 Emerging Leaders

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SCASCD's 2018 Fall Whole Child Conference is designed to bring South Carolina educators and leaders together to highlight ASCD’s Whole Child approach.  Each session is expected to maintain a high quality of professional development providing our attendees information related to the ASCD Whole Child Tenets that can be useful in the classroom, district, or school setting.

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Sessions are carefully selected to present a broad perspective of improving whole child education across the grade spans and instructional areas.


Free 1-Year Membership for First Year SC Teachers

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SCASCD is providing FREE professional memberships to ALL first year teachers in SC! Register today and join a global community of educational leaders dedicated to excellence in learning, teaching and leading.

Online Membership Application

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